Forward! For Noise - is a Drone Artist in Yorkshire


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АКБ comprise of a husband and wife who have previous pedigree on the local noise scene of North Yorkshire.

Having headlined local noise festivals in previous incarnations, in previous years, always with stellar write-ups in the press, they have teamed up to deliver a sustained battering of their previous tastes. This clash has created music that has a doff of the cap to the West German Industrialist group Die Tödliche Doris. This duo has created modern art that is not only impressive, but uniquely captivating.

The Wire Magazine once described Andrew, from АКБ, as “… difficult to dislike..” but he is just at his most enthusiastic and naive. He is a noted Field Recordist and former owner at the experimental record label Focused Silence.

Kathryn plays a moderating force on the direction of the duo although cites her influences as Extreme Metal (Ingested, Bastard Noise) and Shiba Inus. Before lock down, Kathryn could frequently be seen in the crowd at Temple Of Boom, Leeds.

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