A Weekly Broadcast Specialising In Free Jazz.
An Improvised Jazz Radio Show.

Certified Tonk #033

Introducing Certified Tonk, the mind-expanding Free Jazz and Improvised Jazz radio show hosted by the radio-geek, Andrew Backhouse. Delve into the exhilarating world of avant-garde improvisation and boundary-pushing sonic explorations. Broadcasting on Community radio, Certified Tonk is your gateway to the vibrant and untamed realm of free jazz. Tune in and elevate your musical senses.

improvised jazz radio show

Music lovers!

Interested in exploring something new? Join Free Music veteran and broadcaster, Andrew Backhouse, as he uncovers Improv & Free Music in all its many forms.

The radio show, Certified Tonk, will explore the impact of Free Music & Improv in our lives and culture — playing all sounds from live performances to unheard tunes.

Give your ears a break from your regular playlist and catch the new series on Harrogate Community Radio.

Tune in Wednesdays at 23:30 for Certified Tonk with Andrew Backhouse.


(Artist – Track)

  1. Terrie Ex & Paal Nilssen-Love – Harar
  2. Joe McPhee & John Butcher – Mine Shaft (Live)
  3. Les Nixes – Anti Climb Paint 2
  4. Peter Brotzmann, Majid Bekkas & Hamid Drake – Mawama


Andrew Backhouse is a Sound Artist and broadcaster - you can see his links HERE.


Recorded in my spare room in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and trying the best I might.

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Thanks for listening - if you have anything to say, feel free to leave a comment in the footer of this post or on the show in Mixcloud?

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