AAMac is a collaboration between me and Cloudbass. We DJ Filthy Electro & Ghetto Tech.

Electronica duo AAMac are available for booking in the North, the greater United Kingdom and further afield in Europe.

Bringing an otherworldly evocation of midsummer sunrise at a festival, their DJ sets are the perfect soundtrack for drifting away from this troubled world, if only for a few blissful minutes.

With its angular title, ‘AAMac’ brings to mind the ambient likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre. Yet, with its makers steeped in music history, AAMac’s soundscape is filled with echoes of the past.

Sometimes it’s difficult to track the process of creation of music. It’s as if musicians are conduits to a greater resource. But we wanted to DJ music that sounded like a midsummer day, when life is at its fullest; stood in a field with a sound system nearby; the sun rising on a gorgeous day.

We Broadcast On Community Radio.

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