Orbiting a Different Star



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Andrew Backhouse

Host, Orbiting a Different Star

A new experimental music radio show every Wednesday.

Welcome to ‘Orbiting a Different Star,’ a radio show offering something a bit different. Hosted by Andrew Backhouse, a devoted radio enthusiast, collage artist, and co-founder of Harrogate Community Radio, this show aims to introduce you to some unique musical experiences.

Every Wednesday at 11 pm, Andrew takes listeners on a journey through avant-garde and experimental music. It’s a chance to hear sounds from the unexplored corners of the musical world, presented in a straightforward, no-nonsense way that lets the music speak for itself.

‘Orbiting a Different Star’ is more than just a music program; it’s a space for those who appreciate the bold and the innovative in music. Andrew’s love for distinctive and groundbreaking music is evident in every episode, inviting you to broaden your musical horizons.

If you’re curious about new and unconventional music, tune in to ‘Orbiting a Different Star’ on Harrogate Community Radio. Join a community that enjoys listening a little differently. For thoughts, reflections, or just a simple hello, you can reach Andrew at andy@backhouse.wtf. Your journey into something special is waiting.

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