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Andrew Backhouse

Host, Orbiting a Different Star

A new experimental music radio show every Wednesday.

Welcome to ‘Orbiting a Different Star,’ the mesmerizing radio show that asks, ‘Want to hear something new?’ Hosted by Andrew Backhouse, a dedicated radio geek, collage artist, and proud co-founder of Harrogate Community Radio, this show is your gateway to the extraordinary. Every Wednesday at 11 pm, Andrew takes you on an auditory journey unlike any other, showcasing the best in avant-garde and experimental music.

From the unexplored corners of sound to the realms of free improvisation, ‘Orbiting a Different Star’ promises a listening experience that’s always delightful and never ordinary. The show’s straightforward, matter-of-fact presentation ensures that the music, in all its unconventional glory, remains the star of the show.

This is not just another music program; it’s a celebration of the bold, the innovative, and the unexpected in music. It’s a space where enthusiasts of avant-garde sounds can revel in the latest and most intriguing musical explorations. Andrew’s passion for unique and groundbreaking music shines through in every episode, inviting you to expand your musical horizons.

So, are you ready to explore the sonic unknown? Tune in to ‘Orbiting a Different Star’ on Harrogate Community Radio. Be part of a community that dares to listen differently. For thoughts, reflections, or a simple hello, reach out to Andrew at andy@backhouse.wtf. Your journey into the extraordinary awaits.

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