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One-Hundred and Thirty-Third Edition

Sorry This Is A Day Late.


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Episode Playlist

Artist / Album / Song / Label

Yannick Franck Presents Mt Gemini / Just Like A River / Long Shot Kick The Bucket / Sub Roas
June Chikuma / Les Archives / Climb-Down / Freedom To Spend
Marja Ahti / Vegetal Negatives / Chora / Hallow Ground
Haarvöl + Xoán-Xil López / Unwritten Rules of a Ceaseless Journey / Something’s Missing (Utopian) / Crónica
Synaesthesis / Another Point Of View: Lithuanian Art Music / From another Point of View (2017) / Music Information Service
Sister Nancy / One Two / Bam Bam / ????
Abby Lee Tee / Imaginary Friends I / Simulacrum VIII-XIV / Czaszka Tapes
Silhouette Sect / Metahope / Waiting for Eva at the Tannhäuser / Focused Silence
Anthony Pateras / Collected Works Vol. II (2005-2018) / A Happy Sacrifice (2018) for contrabass & electronics / Imediata
Sun Ra / Space Is the Place (Impulse Master Sessions) / Space Is the Place / Evidence Records
Pateras-Baxter-Brown / Bern · Melbourne · Milan / Inland 2 / ????
Langham Research Centre / Tape Works vol. 1 / The Undersized Shadow / Non Classical

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