Harrogate Sound Portrait



Is the soundscape of the world an indeterminate composition over which we have no control, or are we its composers and performers, responsible for giving it form and beauty? Orchestration is a musician’s business – but isn’t it up to us to undergo a paradigm shift and start hearing – not the music in the global soundscape – but the global soundscape as music? How has the soundscape of the borough changed in your lifetime?

About the Project

“Harrogate Sound Portrait” isn’t just a project; it’s a journey through the auditory landscape of my hometown. By carefully geolocating sounds, we’ve created an immersive experience that allows you to explore Harrogate in a way you’ve never done before – through its very heartbeat.

From the murmurs of the farmer’s market to the gentle hum of the evening breeze, every sound is a piece of Harrogate’s intricate puzzle. And we’re inviting you to piece it together.

The Podcast

Dive deeper into your local soundscape with the “Harrogate Sound Portrait” podcast. Here, I delve into the stories behind the sounds, the history they echo, and the memories they evoke. With each episode, we’re not just listening; we’re learning, reflecting, and celebrating Harrogate’s symphony.

Noisy Fan At A Ginnel

Christmas Tree, Harrogate Town Centre

WH Smiths, Harrogate

The Sound Of Melting Snow

Outside M&S, Harrogate

Outside Jessops, Harrogate

Gambaru Crossing

Brown Long-Eared Bat, Valley Gardens

Outside Bass & Bligh

Back Dragon Parade, Dawn Chrous

ASDA, Bower Road

Blackbird, Dragon Parade

Cold Bath Road

Breeze In The Trees, Valley Garden's Boating Pond

Leaves Blowing Around A Fire Escape, Back Dragon Parade

A Grapevine In The Breeze

Distant Fireworks

Pothole Repairs, Dragon Road

Fish & Chips

Pride March (Quiet Part)

The Ginnel, Outside Space

Pride March, Montpellier

Pride March, Launch (2018)

Inside Creao Studio

Dawn Chorus // Back Dragon Avenue, Harrogate

A Cross Section Of Dragon Parade, During The Pandemic

Skipton Road, Midday

East Parade Take-Away

Clap For Carers - Dragon Parade, Harrogate

Dragon Parade to Claro Road - An Audio Walk in Harrogate

Bower Road, Up East Parade - An Audio Walk

Street Corner, High Harrogate

Binaurial Domestication

A Morning Cup Of Tea

Opening Up: Commercial Street at 9am

The Dawn Chorus In May, At The Start Of Nidderdale Greenway, Harrogate

How to Navigate the Map

  1. Zoom in: The Sound Map works similar to other, regular maps on the web. There is the option to zoom in and to scroll with your clicked mouse.
  2. Click on a Sound Pin: Each pin on our map represents a distinct sound of Harrogate.
  3. Listen & Reflect: Take a moment to immerse yourself, to feel and connect.
  4. Discover More: Click on more pins for insights into Harrogate’s heartbeat.
  5. Subscribe: The podcast in available on most audio platforms; Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts included.
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