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I have a new project; www.kornung.org. Körnung is the German word for ‘Grit’ – as in ‘Film Grain.’ I chose this title for the website I built for several reasons. But, it I mainly chose the title due to the fact that the website is a collection of my own lo-fi digital photography. You can visit the website in question HERE.

In late 2018 I bought a Harinezumi Guru camera for €40. I keep on losing the thing because it is so small. But, when I have it switched on and it has not eaten all of the battery, it is a lot of fun.

The Harinzumi (Japanese for Hedgehog’) is the size and shape of a roll of 110 Film – it is something I can put down and then lose. It eats battery and the photos are only 2 Megapixels – they are shocking compared to other images I have taken on better, easier to use and more modern technology.

But there is the beauty.

There is a digital throw-away love to these photos – my phone can take better photos than the Harinzumi yet I choose to still shoot with the Harinezumi. I am unsure why; but it is probably because I love the feeling of not quite knowing how the image will turn out, because I am kind of firing from the hip when I use it.

On my site, Körnung, I hope to share with you some of my crap pictures. I am not going to go in to why I share these crap pictures with you but suffice to say it is for fun. Alan Measles tried to explain the joy of creating something’ in a six part TV series. If he ended the series surmising that you do it for personal reasons” then a knuckle dragger like myself will have a far less eloquent way of framing my efforts than the erudite Greyson Perry.

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