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When using getting in contact with Andrew Backhouse, you’ll be added to my email list if I think you will gain worth from the newsletter. I promise not to spam or send a high amount of emails. Your information and email are secure and will not be exposed or sold to 3rd party companies. I’m able to be reached via email, the contact page, the quote forms or via Facebook messenger or Instagram. Due to this many communication outlets, I try to honour my goal of getting back to inquiries within 24-48 hours, but sometimes, it may be longer.


My site is maintained, updated and secured to the best of my ability within the best website security practices. The website is additionally secured via server side by my hosting company. Any breaches or issues with the hosting company are out of our control.


All content is the property of Andrew Backhouse. All of the images and portfolio items are copyrighted. If distributed illegally, legal action will be taken.

You can also view my full privacy policy here.

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