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One for musicians! I am a qualified music mastering engineer.

Do you want your music to sound professional? Then you need to get it mastered. Mastering is the link between the professional audio industry and the hi-fi industry. Essentially, it’s what will make your music sound good on any system – from studio monitors to generic earphones.

And with the changing trends in the music industry, it’s more important than ever to have your songs and album mastered. It can be the difference in getting noticed instead of getting lost in the sea of amateurs.

So don’t wait – get your music mastered today by me. I am an experienced mastering engineer who has worked with some critically acclaimed artists. Click the button to learn more and get started or visit the contact page.

“I have been making music for more than 20 years, and only on few rare occasions I have found a mastering studio of such high quality as that of Andy: He really knows how to process each track in a 100% professional way. I am really very grateful for the work done by Andrew. He has done an EXCELLENT job, and I am very happy with the PERFECT result of the mastering. Absolutely recommended!”

Alejandro R.

“Dearest Andy is a wonderful multi-faceted musician/artist who’s talents not only lie in the crafts associated with his fine ears and eyes, but also his patient and persistent pursuit of tweaking the mastering demands of his colleagues to achieve beautiful art. Adam and I – as BirdWorld – strongly recommend this service to anyone seeking to master their record to a high level of professional quality.”

Gregor R.

A Mastering Engineer For Experimental Music

Do you master for Vinyl?

There’s no reason why you should need a different master for vinyl than you do for CD or Download. Fact. The master should translate straight to a cutting lathe.

Your digital master and your vinyl master should sound just the same. If you heard a track on the radio, went out and bought the record – you would want them to sound the same, wouldn’t you?

We want to hear from you!

I would love to hear from you and answer any other questions you have. I want to help you get your music mastered by me. That is if you are wondering how do I get my music mastered by me.

Please either email us or get in contact via the contact page – my email address is

I might be a specialist mastering engineer for experimental music but I can take on other types of work – all genres of music are catered for.

What are you credentials?

I used to work in Sigil Of Brass. That Mastering studio was a victim of the pandemic and had to close down, like with a lot of good things.

However, I have struck out on my own as a mastering engineer for experimental music and I rent Creao Studio when the time comes to master music.

I studied down in London, under Streaky at Pinewoods Studio on how to master music for experimental music so I know my chops.

What releases have you worked on?

As a mastering engineer for experimental music I have worked on BirdWorld’s UNDA and their UNDA Reworks albums. To name a few. I was the main mastering point of call for all of the work released by Focused Silence, when it was around – that is over one hundred releases right there.

I have had success in the charts when some of the Dub I mastered reached No1 in the Beatport Dub chart – Indie, that is a bit of a new one to me.

I have had work I have done featured in cover CDs on the continent and also received stellar write-ups for the work I did as a mastering engineer for experimental music.

What format will the tracks be returned to me as?

I deliver track back as either 44.1k 24bit or 48k 24bit depending on the format you send the files.

Please instruct us on the order form if you would prefer a different format.


How do you order mastering?

Start a conversation with me on the Contact Page and I can talk you through it. You will send the tracks to me digitally after we have had a chat and you are comfortable with the process.

To send me the tracks, I have a WeTransfer Channel. But, let’s speak first – it could get mixed up with demo submissions to The Parish News otherwise.

All of the payments are done as invoices after completion and you are happy. I will not be privy to your details.


How do I get my tracks to you?

I have many ways for you to get the tracks to me digitally – first thing is first, you need to reach out…

When will I get my track(s) back after ordering online?

Single tracks and 4 track EP’s are normally returned within three working days of us receiving your order.

Album sessions are longer so they will be booked in asap and you will be informed of the day.

Please contact us if you have any immediate deadlines and we will ensure they are met. All files will be sent to you digitally.

Can I attend the mastering session?

Sorry, you can’t attend.

I am a mastering engineer for experimental music and I rent the property that is used for the mastering – It is not within my scope to allow other people into the studio.

How can I pay for the mastering?

Upon completion of the work, you will hear a low-grade version of the track (low fidelity). When you are happy with it I will invoice you.

Your tracks will be released on payment of the fee.

Please note that you will be charged the GBP price as presented on the website.

Can I get a revision on the track?

Yes, we will work with you until you are happy with the master. However, if you change the mix I will need to start again and you’ll need to purchase again for mastering.

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