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АКБ comprise of a husband and wife who have previous pedigree on the local noise scene of North Yorkshire. Having headlined local noise festivals in previous incarnations, in previous years, always with stellar write-ups in the press, they have teamed up to work together on a sustained battering of their previous tastes.

The debut release from АКБ, Answering Back, contains eight tracks that glorify the darkest inner thoughts of the mind. A harsh degradation of vocal matter will claw its way through every pore of your body, allowing you to experience first-hand what it’s like to have a psychosis manifest.

Recorded using a JMT Nosy Mic, selected works of Pushkin, text messages and instruction manuals were read and recorded with the noisy mic.

Whilst the instrument could be seen as the main star of the show, it was the duo’s mutual efforts that made this album a success. Where the release is titled “Answering Back” – they are only trying to silence their inner critics and are playing for the fun of it.


released October 1, 2021


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