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Actually, the first tracks of any of these experiences are really important. They cue up the playful nature of this experimental electronic project quite nicely. I suggest taking a look at the album if you want to understand all of my work on a greater scale. With my work, I try and present the joy I find from discovering something new to a listener or a viewer; I find “forgotten machines” and archaic relics – bringing them to new eyes and ears.

These short EPs are an exploration of sound and percussive atmospheres. Let’s not get too technical, though. It’s a collection of sounds and rhythms that draws on my twin influences; Dub Reggae and experimental electronic music, all framed in the greater scope of my artistic enquiry. Previously, I have had success in the Beatport Dub Reggae charts (2 x No1 hits in 2017) as Guerrilla Dub System and the flip side of the coin is that I produce and host The Parish News, broadcasting on Resonance EXTRA, every week.

These EPs might just be a soundtrack for zoning out. But, I have paid attention to every detail of the production process to make sure this is a showcase of what I am capable of – there are elements of Dub Production (traditional live mixing on a desk) as well as recollections of frantically searching for a recording device before the live patch disintegrated.

I’m not going to lie, these EPs probably won’t change your life or anything like that – but you’ll certainly enjoy yourself while listening to them!

noise duo yorkshire

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