Guerrilla Dub System


I wanted to create my own Remixes of field recordings, but there’s nothing out there that lets me easily do so. My content didn’t stand out and I couldn’t get the sound I wanted. I was at a crossroads in my life. I love making music, but I don’t want to be limited to just one genre.

Listeners crave music that is unique, with a different sound that can’t be found on the radio. The problem was my music needed to be completely different from what everyone else was creating. I needed to be able to set myself apart from other artists and show them who I am – my story, my perspective on life. Thankfully, I can take my skills and creativity into other industries.

With Guerrilla Dub System, I started tinkering with delay and echo on Field recordings. This was drawing on a lifetime’s love of Lee Perry and Roots Reggae music. I enjoyed tinkering with delay and reverb on Field Recordings so I took a chance and had a go at making Dub Reggae; to see if I could cut my teeth in another genre.

The result was five top-five hits in the Beatport charts and a couple of DJ residencies. For more about this project, please see

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