Thomas Rabies

Thomas Rabies > Spoken Word Artist

​Thomas Rabies does something different in spoken word art. He doesn’t just use regular words. Instead, he uses sounds that don’t have clear meanings, trying to dig deep into human feelings.

In his work, he uses these raw sounds and changes them with the help of technology. It’s like he’s taking old ways of using the voice and mixing them with modern tech.

He believes in trying new things. He doesn’t just stick to regular language, asking people to think differently about how we communicate. In his shows, there aren’t always clear words. But this lets people think and feel in their own way.

When you listen to his work, you might feel things like joy, sadness, love or pain & fear. He wants to connect with what people feel deep down.

Using technology, he makes sounds that remind us of the way we talk without words. This tech lets him turn simple sounds into something you can really feel, making people react in strong ways.

He wants to make people think and feel differently about spoken word. He uses sounds in a new way, asking people to look beyond just words.

Simply put, Thomas Rabies is an poet who uses voice in a new way. He changes simple sounds with tech to make something special. People who listen are taken on a journey beyond just normal speech.

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