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Ninty Sixth Edition of The Parish News

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The Ninety-Sixth Edition Of The Parish News: Once again, Dom was up at Creao Studio – although he didn’t convince me to try Creme Fraiche in my coffee this time 😉

On the Ninety-Sixth Edition of The Parish News I mention the artwork for Bland Disco’s album, From Zero – here is is, to the right. I really rate it. The show was recorded in what is turning out to be a heatwave in English Summer time. The temperature is around 30ºc and the studio is just right.

The music is balanced, varied and, as ever, on point – I have tried more than ever to play tracks that represent what is happening in the world as opposed to just what takes my fancy. It is a fine line to read and one I think I am failing at, but, still – it is the taking part that counts.

Artist / Album / Song

The Doomed Bird Of Providence / Collision/Detection v7 – EP / In the Terror of the Moment
Lucrecia Dalt / Anticlines / Errors of Skin
K-Branding / The Wire Tapper Volume 25 / Driller (excerpt)
Peter Hall / Manifestations / Bride
Tim Hart & Maddy Prior / Heydays / The Dalesman’s Litany
Lewis Gilbert / Leeds City Sounds / Leeds City Sounds
Oker / Husene våre er museer / Ekvator
The Fall / The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 / Futures and Pasts (Peel Session 15/6/78)
Om / God Is Good / Meditation Is the Practice of Death
Beth Anderson / Peachy Keen-O / Country Time
Abby Lee Tee / Herber’s Archive / Repository I
The Congos / Heart of the Congos / Congoman
Edgard Varèse / An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music, Vol. 1 / Poème Électronique
Blank Disco / From Zero / Where Are They Now?
Ensemble Modelo62 / Motum / 01-04 in CirCles II (Movs. I-IV)
Asa / Sweeter Things – EP / Sweeter Things

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