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Ninty Third Edition of The Parish News

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The Ninety Third Edition Of The Parish News: The Ninety Third edition of The Parish News was recorded in my flat – studio costs are mounting up and I had to make a decision. It could become de rigour to record in my flat because of the cost of a pro studio. However, if you gain worth from the show please consider becoming a Patron. All you need to do to enable the longevity of the show is head over to www.patreon.com/TheParishNews/ and you could receive bonus material, posters and t-shirts. Plus my undying thanks.

Musically, this weeks show is spot on – a bit of a nostalgic trip down pop street but there are some experimental gems laid within.

On this edition, I mention that Jeffrey Roden was kind enough to use some of my words on his site, www.thebigtreemusic.com – well, thanks Jeffrey; it makes this worthwhile to know some people get something out of it. If you want to read my review, on this site, CLICK HERE.

Artist / Album / Song

Drcarlsonalbion / Gold / Gold II
Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble / The Zulu 45s Collection / Frankiphone Blues
Sigur Rós / Valtari / Ekki Múkk
Bill Horist / Guitar Weirdo (Solo Prepared Guitar Improvisations 2000-2012) / Dreaming Minerals
Soweto Kinch / The New Emancipation / An Ancient Worksong
Keith Fullerton Whitman / Generator / Generator 1
Mountain Man / Made the Harbor / Buffalo
Chris Watson / Weather Report / Vatnajokull
Obsil / The Wire Tapper Volume 25 / Snow Days In March
Jodie Lowther & A.R.C Soundtracks / The Blow Volume 4 / The Occasional Sleeper
Dub Specialist / Studio One Dub Vol. 2 / Always Dubbing
Komitas Vardapet / Six Dances / Unabi
Samba Toure / Wande / Wande – The beloved
Xuân Hoach / Hanoi Masters: War Is a Wound, Peace Is a Scar / Heroine Song – Hát Hâu Cô Bo
Jeffrey Roden / Threads Of A Prayer Volume 2 / Threads Of A Prayer
Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument / Shemonmuanaye / Hari Meru Meru
Alejandro Remeseiro / Walking / LORAN Meets Pyongyang
Henri Chopin / La Plaine Des Respirs / Finale LES Répressions Casèes
Penguin Cafe Orchestra / Preludes, Airs & Yodels / Telephone and Rubber Band

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