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The Gaffa Tapes #1: So, here is the first cassette-only DJ mix by myself. I am in the process of learning how to DJ from cassette – I figured the job I do as a Dub DJ … well … the skills would be transferable. They’re not. I have learnt that I need to create more of a wall-of-sound with my cassette dj mixing.

Plenty more saturation, hiss and crackling pop.

This is a very pleasant mix. Don’t get me wrong – but it could be so much better – I have learnt that mixing on cassettes with vocal tracks from the ’70’s is not too hot – but you live and learn. I am happy with how this progressed.

I used a pair of Marantz PMD 201 Cassette decks for the job and a Pioneer DJM800 Mixer – this was all recorded on to my Sound Devices MixPre 6 – tech aside, what do you make to it, I would welcome feedback on how to progress … email me at andy@theparishnews.com to shout at me.

The Gaffa Tapes #1

Now then, some of these tracks are a bit advanced from their release date, so I do not want to name them – I figure I would just let you sit back, unwind and be weirded out.

I have learnt that I should not rely on the musicality of the pieces for these mixes – instead, creating a wall-of-sound that will know you off your feet. I have a lot to learn before I start hiding these mixes behind a Patron Page. But, if you want to sponsor me ….

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