Photography Projects…

I have a great love of photography; it helps me see the world afresh through different eyes. It makes the familiar unique and presents the ‘everyday object’ in a new light. I sometimes Blog about photography and I also give away some of my images on Unsplash.

As an Urban Photographer in a traditional UK town, I’m inspired by the mix of history, culture, and architecture around me. I use my camera to showcase the special features of this town and its residents.

My photos show the mix of old and new, of tradition meeting modern life, and finding beauty in unexpected spots. I love taking pictures of old buildings, the lively streets, and the different types of people living here.

I use my pictures to tell the story of this town, showing everything from grand old buildings to hidden backstreets and colorful graffiti. I aim to show the town’s vibe, its energy, and how everyone here is connected.

In the end, my goal as an Urban Photographer is to make photos that touch people emotionally, making them see this town differently and inspire them. I want my photos to celebrate the beauty and variety in my town’s life, reminding everyone that there’s always something interesting to see, even in ordinary places.

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