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Me and two great mates are based in North Yorkshire, UK. We specialise in producing live mixed Dub Reggae music when it comes to reggae. However, we have put all music-production on hold to focus on our roots-reggae podcast. Our show is called Roots Conversation.

As DJs, myself and Cloüdbass have a long history of DJing around the North of England playing out at dances and dispensing roots pub-dub. If you want to book Guerrilla Dub System to play your event, get in contact at [email protected] – we play roots reggae and dub, out live, if asked to play as Guerrilla Dub System.

Live, we can play music of the sorts you will hear on this roots reggae podcast, right across the UK and further afield. For more on Guerrilla Dub System, please see

On Roots Conversation, the Guerrilla Dub System duo lead you on a journey through their Dub Reggae music collection that inspired their Number 1 hits in the charts. “Roots Conversation” is Guerrilla Dub System’s Syndicated Roots Reggae Podcast. Within this hour-long exposition, there are the main components of Sound System Culture: Ska, Dub, Rocksteady and a truckload of Roots records.

Join Cloüdbass & myself as we lead you through our music collection – the reference point for an international music career. Having topped the Reggae Charts twice in 2017, Guerrilla Dub System have been played extensively on local and national radio in the United Kingdom – We are joined by Scooby from the Sound Of Wonder radio show.

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