Season #01 Sees The Light Of Day

by | Jan 24, 2021 | Poetry | 0 comments

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I am the first to admit that I do not update my poetry podcast as often as I should. Did you know I had a Poetry podcast – it is a recorded series of Nonsense Poems, recited by myself and recorded at Creao Studio. But, the first Season of the Drew Backhouse Broadcast Method is now out as a fifteen track release.

The podcast is fair to middling – you can subscribe to it via this link; it is quite a crisis to record, I’m always wondering how it will be received. But, the podcast is free to listen to – so, I made the release free, with the option fo chipping in for peanuts when you have the option, if you have the option. Here it is….

I hope to cross a threshold and write a bit more about the appeal of nonsense later down the line – but, my days of academia are over and I will just stick to this.

The crux of it is, I am playing – I am allowed to take a regimented set of rules and draw lines and parallels to sounds, having broken down the language in to its base constituent; sound.

I could wax lyrical – but this is just a bit of fun; I enjoy it immensely.

Season #02 of The Drew Backhouse Broadcast Method will continue when I get a moments headspace. The process of coming up with original, nonsense is quite vexing. I do not have the testicular fortitude to go full ‘Sound Poet” just yet, but let’s see what Season #02 brings with it. Thanks for reading.

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