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I used to sell prints as limited edition, oak-framed artworks. I have changed my outlook on this.

I figure that I am financially secure due to having a steady income from being a web designer. So, why am I trying to boost my finances through a hobby? Where there is no gift there is no art and I want to democratise the process as far as I can without making a loss and giving them away.

I figure that they are nice things, the collages. People like nice things and I would like my nice thing to be in your collection. So, I have dropped my prices.

As a result of me dropping my prices, I have had to ship the prints without a frame.

After all, Art enhances people’s lives; they need to see it, own it and possess it. choosing to ditch the expensive frames for my prints and selling the images loose makes it affordable and accessible.

I refuse to let my work be numbered. This way it is priced affordably, undermining the art markets tactic of charging more for limited edition runs.

If you want to frame the print upon receipt of it, I recommend an Oak, plain frame and an off-white mount.

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