A Good Thing


  • A4 in size.
  • Ships Unframed, Printed To Spec
  • Available As Is
  • Printed on Hahnemuhle Paper
  • Will Last 99+ Years In direct Sunlight


In today’s fast-paced digital age, creating art requires patience, persistence, and dedication. One challenging yet rewarding form of artistic expression is digital collage, where individual components are carefully selected, digitised, and assembled to form a cohesive image. Every element needs to be precisely positioned and aligned, resulting in hours spent arranging snippets of paper or other materials. To add even more complexity, ensuring each component fits together seamlessly presents another hurdle to overcome.

Traditionally, artists seeking recognition and financial success often limit the availability of their works by producing only a certain amount of prints or paintings. They may choose to sign and number each piece, further increasing its exclusivity and value. My journey as a digital collage artist followed this path initially. I produced limited edition, oak-framed print collections, marketing them as luxury goods deserving significant investments. While sales were satisfactory, I struggled with this approach, feeling uneasy about leveraging my passion for personal gain.

Fortunately, my day job as a designer provides stability and security, eliminating any pressure to rely solely on my art earnings. With that realisation came the freedom to adjust my ambition. Rather than concentrating on maximising revenue, I wanted my compositions to reach a broader audience. I sought ways to remove obstacles preventing individuals from enjoying and owning my artwork. This shift led me to revisit my business model.

First, I made the decision to discontinue offering my collage in oak frames, opting instead for shipping unframed prints directly to clients. Although some might view this change negatively, it allowed me to significantly reduce costs, making my art more obtainable for interested buyers. Eliminating pricey frames meant accepting the tradeoff of losing the “luxurious” aspect of my brand. But the benefits vastly outweighed this sacrifice. Customers could now purchase and customise my pieces to suit their preferences.

Therefore, I have decided not to assign specific quantities or dates to my pieces. Removing these constraints permits collectors to appreciate my art purely for its intrinsic worth, not because of rarity or a particular release date. The goal here isn’t just to make purchasing more accessible but also to promote genuine admiration for the craftsmanship involved in each composition.

By embracing these principles, I believe we can foster a culture that values art for what it truly represents – beauty, emotion, and connection. When cost barriers disappear, art becomes more relatable, leading to deeper human connections and a richer existence. Ultimately, it brings us closer to fulfilling our universal desire for beauty and meaningful experiences.

Let’s continue exploring how we can make art more accessible and integrated into daily life. Join me on this exciting journey to democratise the enjoyment of art! Together, we can transform the world into a brighter, more vibrant place.

Additional information

Weight 0.675 kg
Dimensions 44 × 35 × 5 cm

A4 Archival Pigment Print Mounted & Framed, A4 Archival Pigment Print Mounted, A4 Archival Pigment Print Plain

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