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Within the realm of spoken word artistry, Thomas Rabies ventures into uncharted territories, pushing the boundaries of traditional linguistic communication. Departing from conventional language, he traverses the intricacies of non-verbal vocalisations, delving deep into the human essence to unearth profound emotions and meanings.

In his practice, he harnesses the primal power of raw vocal sounds, employing them as a vivid palette of sonic colours. Through meticulous curation and experimentation, he saturates these primal utterances with a plethora of digital and analogue processes, transforming them into a symphony of raw expression. The resulting compositions embody a high art form, representing a unique convergence of contemporary technology and ancient vocal traditions.

At the core of his artistic philosophy lies a quest for the avant-garde. By rejecting the limitations of conventional language, he challenges societal norms and preconceived notions of what constitutes meaningful communication. he invite the audience to immerse themselves in an abstract world, where the absence of words creates a space for introspection, contemplation, and personal interpretation.

Thomas’ sonic explorations serve as a conduit for universal emotions that transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. Within the nuanced nuances of my vocal compositions, listeners may discover the echoes of joy, pain, love, and sorrow. Each vocal utterance resonates with a raw intensity that seeks to connect with the deepest recesses of the human experience.

Through the fusion of digital and analogue processes, he constructs intricate soundscapes that intertwine with the subtleties of non-verbal communication. The transformative power of technology allows him to elevate these primal utterances into an immersive sensory experience, evoking visceral responses and challenging the conventional boundaries of artistic expression.

By embracing the unconventional, his work aspires to provoke a dialogue, to challenge perceptions, and to redefine the very essence of spoken word artistry. Through his exploration of unspoken expression, he invites the audience to abandon the confines of linguistic confinement and engage with a primal, yet profoundly evocative, form of communication.

Thomas Rabies is a spoken word artist who defies traditional norms and pioneers a new frontier of sonic exploration. By infusing untrained vox with the intricacies of digital and analogue processes, his avant-garde improvisations resonate as art, inviting audiences to partake in a transformative experience that transcends the limitations of language.

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