What Is The Original Flarf?

by | Jun 12, 2021 | Artist Blog | 0 comments

Hi 👋 could what I have been doing over the past few months be a homage to the disposable nature of Flarf Poetry. Both are characterised with zero pretensions and are imminently disposable. I am making radio shows that are disappearing the moment they arrive. Popping back in to the æther.

Hope you are well! Just giving you a wee heads up that I hope to be broadcasting on the radio the afternoon of Sunday 13th June from 4pm-6pm; it is The Jazz Show and it is a lot of fun to make. Check out Harrogate Community Radio for that.

If Jazz isn’t your bag and you need more Cowbell in your ears then head to www.theGDS.website – there, you will find the Roots Reggae podcast that I am a part of. However, a recent spell of ill health meant I had to bow out of the last few episodes of Roots Conversation. But, I think it is good to be back at it.

If you own a meeting place in North Yorkshire and you would like to have some Pub Dub DJ’d in your establishment then head to the GDS website for more information as well as the chance to listen to a DJ mix and the chance to book me.

The Parish News radio show has a bit more cohesion his week – I am now able to string a sentence together a bit better, despite recently coming out of the worst episode of ill-health I have had since 2008. It is good to be out and about again. There is a great track by Microtub on this week’s episode of The Parish News and I end the show with a track by Elnath Project.

You can catch The Parish News as a podcast, where you get your podcasts from. As ever, I encourage you to go and hunt down the music after I have introduced you to it. For more on my avant-garde show see www.theparishnews.com.

I am in the process of closing down my Facebook Page (the ‘Unprofessional Artist’ one). I have placed a link for people to sign up to my newsletter and I have had a few new sign ups as a result; thanks.

Another thing to note is that I have built a Media Server for me and Mrs Backhouse. All of our music is together now – Death Metal, Dub and the avant-garde. This means the chance to dip in to older music and there is the option of cross-genre pollination; the radio shows I have been making recently have been a touch more eclectic as a result.

Things really are up in the air, here are Backhouse HQ. We are moving house soon. We are both looking forward to the end result of the move but there is quite a bit of nostalgia as it was the house we have lived in for our entire married life. We moved in to our spot on Dragon Parade eleven years ago, before we were married.

So, I may have over-shared a bit in this Blog Post. But, you will be used to that if you are a regular reader. Thanks for listening and if you have anything you want to say to me then get in contact HERE. Most of the answers to your questions can be found on this website – if not there will be a link to the answer on this site.

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