Nonsense Poetry

by | Feb 17, 2020 | Artist's Blog | 0 comments

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I really seem to have come full circle, creatively. I have started writing verse again. This is what I started doing when I was a pre-adolescent. The verse I wrote back then was terrible angsty, overly-cliched and not very good. Yes, I managed to get published in an arts magazine (Aesthetica) but that was the sole triumph.

Yes, I have started writing Nonsense verse – it is good for the soul. It helps me articulate feelings where conventional language fails me.

I have a lot of admiration for the audiobook I own of Finnegans Wake. It has persuaded me that Avant-Garde writing and Nonsense should be heard and not read. This could prove such a challenge – but – it is a challenge I am up for. It is fun.

I have started my own podcast for the series of Nonsense poems that I am writing, hoping to publish one every Monday. They are normally under a minute in length and they are always ‘clean.’ Here is one…

The podcasts are recorded and mastered at Creao Studio, in Harrogate. I have the time and inclination – I will not win anything or get any money from it. I am creating to express myself and enrich my own life.

Now then, I said there was a website for the project. That can be found in the Button below – the address is – a domain I have been sitting on for a while, but it seemed apt to use it for this project. If you have a spare five minutes, give it a listen?

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