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Andrew Backhouse is a fine artist based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. His primary artistic pursuit is to try convey his naivety and enthusiasm to a new recipient, much as how he originally saw things first time around. Using various methods, such as Field Recording and vintage photography techniques, Andrew works around Yorkshire and further afield, in the UK.

Born of English and Scottish parents in East Anglia, Andrew has moved around the country on the back of his Dad’s work – he saw his fair share of the country and is grateful for it.

Moving from place to place has led Andrew to question the geo-location of creativity – as in can the ‘spirit’ of a place be transmitted through recorded/scored media and how does it affect the viewer/listener/recipient? Can you relocate a sense of wonderment through the recorded time-based medium? Well, it is Andrew’s job to try and let this happen…

Although the work Andrew creates is recorded almost as an afterthought of the location – a summing up of the place he no longer inhabits – there is a duality between the artist and the artwork.

Andrew has had other successes in recorded sound, other than Field Recordings. He has had five top ten hits on the Beatport Charts in 2017 as a Dub Producer, as part of Guerrilla Dub System (

Presenting and producing a radio show on ResonanceEXTRA, Andrew has a keen ear for the latest in Global avant-garde trends and movements in conceptual sound art.


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