Artist Biography


Andrew Backhouse, based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, is an artist known for his wide-ranging work. From crafting experimental beats and dub delays to finding the perfect location for recording the dawn chorus and assembling collages from scanned prints, Andrew’s portfolio is diverse and notable.

His aim as an artist is to transfer his initial wonder and excitement to the audience, rekindling the spark he felt when first encountering these sounds and images. Andrew utilises a variety of techniques and methods, and his work often extends beyond Yorkshire, across the UK.

Born to English and Scottish parents in East Anglia, Andrew’s life has been a journey across the UK due to his father’s career. This constant relocation has made him curious about the geographic roots of creativity. He explores whether the essence of a place can be conveyed through recorded or scored media, and how it influences the audience. He aims to bring about a sense of wonderment through his time-based recordings.

Although Andrew’s work is often a reflective account of the places he no longer resides in, there is a clear interconnection between the artist and his artwork.

In addition to field recordings, Andrew has been successful in recorded sound, earning five top ten spots on the Beatport Charts in 2017 as a Dub Producer with Guerrilla Dub System (

Andrew also hosts and produces a radio show on ResonanceEXTRA. Here, he applies his discerning ear to identify and present the latest avant-garde trends in global and conceptual sound art.

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