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by | Feb 8, 2021 | 📸 Artist's Blog | 0 comments

I have merged a few projects / newsletters all under one umbrella. That is why you are reading this! I have made the Buy Me A Coffee site for the Jazz Show’s, The Parish News and The Sound Map Of Harrogate all under one umbrella; that is THIS. I have also sorted the newsletter to be one mail out for everything.

For people who listen to The Parish News or another of my projects, I have made this Buy Me A Coffee address my default one and thanks if you have chipped in in the past or you intend to in the future. For the cost of a flat white it’ll help keep me broadcasting / tinkering with sound. My websites have been updated along with the widgets and the buttons because you’ve got to hustle to get out the ghetto.

I have also started a kind-of-regular Newsletter that will inevitably fall by the wayside. You can subscribe to that HERE. The Newsletters will always have the option for unsubscribing in their footer and they will not be Spam.

So, on with my updates: the latest development in my work has been a revamp of The Sound Map Of Harrogate. You can see the new site HERE. I changed the layout and I have changed the way people can submit their own recordings.

Most of my time recently has been spent on getting tracks mastered for clients, ready for public consumption – I have studied Music Mastering and the studio I run is called Sigil Of Brass. If you are keen on getting the best from your mixes, get in contact via that site. You can find it at sigilofbrass.com.

A quick pointer is that I have a new album out. I have acquired a second hand Drone Commander and I have been experimenting with a few stomp boxes. Head HERE to give it an ear-look.

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