How Radio Helped Me In Lock Down

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I thought I would give a quick update as to what I have been doing. This is a Blog post from Andrew Backhouse, a self-confessed Radio Geek, and this is a radio-heavy Blog post. I sent these words out as a mail-out and I thought I would type them up here. The mail-out is going quite well with quite a few engaged followers. If you want to sign up to the mail-out then fill in the pop out to the right of this post, hopefully you will stick out the journey…

The Jazz Show

The Jazz Show broadcasted on Harrogate Community Radio this Sunday gone. Listener levels to the show are growing and Sunday’s episode was a good one – even if I say so myself. You can listen to The Jazz Show HERE and you just need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the player.

Community Radio

My continuation with Harrogate Community Radio is going well – we are transitioning from top-down management to more of a collective and I am giving workshops in Podcasting and managing your digital assets. You can reach the website for the station HERE – I built that!

The Parish News

I am lucky enough to have a spot on Resonance EXTRA. Resonance is the community Arts station in the UK that can be received in Brighton & Hove, central Bristol, Cambridge, Greater London and Norwich. They have caught up with the serialised podcast and they are the station who get the broadcast premiere of each show every Friday morning at midnight. You can find out more about my role on Resonance EXTRA HERE.

The podcast of The Parish News is going strong and I am getting to play a lot of decent music – if you have any tracks you are keen for me to feature, the least I can do is listen to them. Try and send them to me using SendMusic by clicking HERE.

Roots Reggae

And, finally. The Roots Reggae podcast me and two great friends produce has reached Episode #100. You can find Roots Conversation wherever you get your podcasts from. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I really, really dig late ’70s Dub Reggae and this is a chance for me to nerd out. You can find out more at

Summing Up

I have been receiving positive feedback from the mail-outs that I have been scheduling, like this one, which is very heartening. So, ‘thank you’ if you have clicked reply to one of them. If you write to me then I will try and write back to you; it is nice to be nice. This mail out has been a bit of a radio-heavy missal but I hope you don’t mind. Coming out of a long period of Lock Down and an increase in my responsibilities means I have not been up to much else. Radio has been a life line to me recently, as someone who tunes in and as someone who makes it. If you are struggling to connect to any of the shows I have mentioned in this mail-out then leave a comment in the footer and I hope to help you tune in.


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