A January Recap (2023)

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Hope you are well? If I have yet to bump into you on a digital platform or in Meatspace then Happy New Year – all the best for 2023.

The Parish News

The main news nugget for this dispatch is that The Parish News has been moved to 22:30 every Thursday on Resonance EXTRA, as of tonight. It used to be midnight Fridays – this is a good thing, I reckon, and I may get more listeners?

You can read the Resonance EXTRA page HERE although I have posted more recent information up at www.backhouse.wtf/tpn

As ever, playlists are written up so you can hunt down the artists I feature; this is why I make the show.


I am still making collages and still trying to sell them – I appreciate that Artist-as-Businessman is not a strong look so I will just lay out my stall and let you look HERE.

The prints come framed in a hand-made, oak frame.

I am managing to sell some of them; some through galleries! It is a good past-time.

Certified Tonk

I have managed to reach Episode #010 of Certified tonk.

Certified Tonk is a weekly, half-an-hour broadcast that features Free Improv and it is a lot of fun to collate. You can catch any of the past episodes of Tonk at www.backhouse.wtf/tonk

Thanks for reading this far down the email – you deserve a lollipop for getting this far. Thanks for your support through 2022 and let’s see what happens in ’23.

The future is ripe with possibility.

Thanks for reading!

Andrew Backhouse

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