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I’ve been DJ’ing a lot. Quite a lot. I have been experimenting with early ’90s club culture and produced some cyber-goth, popper-sniffing bum-rave. I am massively proud of this. The project is called 20 Times Dark.

Below, you will hear a demo mix for me to hand out to promoters.

I doubt I will get (m)any gigs but it is good to try. It is the type of thing you would associate with sprawling LA not a town the size of a tea-cup, like Harrogate.

Summer Showcase '22

by 20 Times Dark

Click the ‘Play’ button, above.

I am toying with the idea of going up to 126 BPM but that might complicate matters – this was a suggestion from a DJ I respect and one who has helped me on my way. 

So, it could prove prudent to heed his advice – but I will probably ignore it.

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