Last week was truly remarkable! As a co-founder of Harrogate Community Radio, I was tasked by the other administrators to produce radio content for each weekday from 8am to 9am with a theme of The Climate Crisis. It was an enjoyable experience to use art, particularly sound art, for a purpose beyond personal satisfaction. Due to this, I felt a sense of inclusion in the national conversation, even though my role was small.

We all know Harrogate Community Radio is a community-based station that provides everyone in Harrogate with a platform to broadcast. But, a few months ago, we were approached by Penny Southgate regarding the COP28 Climate Meeting scheduled for the end of November 2023, in UAE. The proposal was to have a special week of broadcasts leading up to the conference, and we gladly accepted.

The project, titled “Our Earth Week,” was spearheaded by Penny Southgate. I contributed by DJ’ing found sound from the Our Earth Week Library and my own field recordings. To listen to the works I created, please visit the Harrogate Community Radio website.

In the process of crediting the audio that I used, in mixes compiled months ago, I came across as I typed this post. I will be taking a deep dive in to that site; it seems they do what I enjoy doing, Field Recording. But, as stated, all of the spoken word pieces were delivered to me by Penny to use in Our Earth Week, it is part of the Our Earth Week Library, and I am indebted. The field recordings were by myself.

Overall, it was a fulfilling experience to be part of a larger cause and contribute to the community through my passion for sound art.

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