Am I An Ex-Field Recordist?

May 3, 2022 | 📸 Artist's Blog

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I admit I no longer document happenstance on a daily basis.

But, I am still keen on Field recording – just I no longer have as much spare time to go and ‘do’ the recording.

A major blow is my parents moving house, out of Dark Walk Wood and into Hackforth, Bedale – there is not the scope of an extended weekend with my microphones and as much bird life as I can stand.

However, I am adapting.

I was up all night due to insomnia so set off to Nidderdale Greenway with my equipment, around half four this morning. This is the result:

The result is part of A Sound Map Of Harrogate – a website that I curate.

The site feeds in to a podcast, via Anchor and is distributed to the big channels.

So, am I an ex-field recordist? I am a bit rusty but I have the gear and I have the drive and the passion. Admittedly, not quite the same level of passion c2018 but still – it seems a club you can quit.


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