I have made a fresh episode of The Parish News!

Well, sort of…

I have made an ambient DJ Mix of tracks that you normally associate with the music from The Parish News, the experimental radio show, that I used to make for community radio.

I have placed the mix behind a paywall, as part of the wider Parish News back catalogue. I advise you you to subscribe to my channel to keep abreast of developments because I hope to keep on making these mixes every Blue Moon, or in between… well, there is no fixed schedule.

The mix is an experimental ambient mix. I went to Creao Studio to make it in the small hours of this morning, just as Allan, the owner of the studio was falling asleep at his place.

I used Pioneer DJ Equipment (XDJ-RX2) and the result is quite something – so, feel free to subscribe?

The Parish News is still being broadcast on a number of stations – so, this might be the incentive to hop on to the channel?

Other than that, things are good thanks. I have pulled an all-nighter on my own due to waking up too late yesterday. We hope to meet up with two good friends in town, Simon & Michelle, but may have to cancel due to sleep issues; I would not be much company.

I have, however, come to the conclusion that if it was not for a biological need for Vitamin D I would quite happily become nocturnal. That and being social, I guess.

If you subscribe to my channel, thanks – here is the mix…

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