An Hour In Dark Walk Woods

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I have a new release out. “An Hour In Dark Walk Woods” is a recording of the surrounding soundscape and fauna that inhabit Dark Walk Woods, Home Farm, Nr Ripon. The recording was taken on 22nd April 2018 – the day before St. Georges Day. The weather was fair – sunny with only one shower in the day.

The recording was taken with a MixPre6 & Telinga Clip-On Mics (housed on a Stereo Bar perched on top of a Manfrotto Nano-Stand. I have used minimal editing to the recording – the total recording lasts 1hr 17 mins – I have whittled it down for the sake of keeping it neat and not have me talk over the top of the beginning and end. Noting the times and recording details.

Click the ‘Play’ button, above.

There was an event being held at Ripon Racecourse. This could be detected by some of the more acute listeners who tune in. I think most of it was not picked up – but we will see when people start writing in. There is the rustling of the wind through the trees (quite a din, actually – that is the background roar) – please bear in mind that it is a working farm. This means that there is the sound of farm animals, engines and such. I did not want to present the pastoral idyll in this recording – that could be seen as classist (the editing out of workers to ‘beautify’ the landscape) – so, this is a recording of a working farm, in North Yorkshire, April 2018.

I had been having difficulties powering the MixPre6 for a greater time than 10 minutes (Alkaline Batteries). I consulted Allan Smyth (ASAV) and he did a bit of research for me – he found that I needed an Anker Battery with a C-type USB Port to power the device.

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