On Facebook, I saw a post in the Field Recording Group that I am a part of. It was on about how The Guardian newspaper had featured the iOS app, AudioSpaces, in their picks of the week. So, I downloaded the app and submitted some field recordings to it.

When you submit a recording to the app, there is the opportunity to peg it on a map and submit it with a tag – I am probably going to retag my efforts because I went in without a plan and tagged on the hoof. The app seems functional – there were quite a few issues with the app crashing when I was trying to upload a recording from my phone – I had to sign out and back in a bit to keep going with it. It is a very new app, so there will of course be teething problems… One of the strong points of the app is you need to be at the same physical location as the recording of the app to hear the full version. But, I am over the moon the app exists – I have been thinking there needs to a social app for field recordists and sound artists.

Hopefully it will get me thinking of field-recording again, something I have not thought about for a while – I think it was 2022 that I last recorded anything. There is the page, Harrogate Sound Portrait, here on this website – but it has been a bit, well, I have been looking for excuses to dodge Field Recording of late.

I realise I have too preoccupied with presenting a definite article, I was too wrapped up the finished article to start projects and this defeated me. Plus, recording my walks around town was proving irritationg because I was constantly out of breath due to long-covid.

But, first impressions – I hope to be spending a lot of time on the app and it is a welcome addition on my phone.

I have not been following the development of the app, but head online and there is some information to let you know that it started as an academic tool [bit beyond me] but they have a web page for the app online, a simple cargo site. This all makes me smile – it is a group of friends and colleagues making something – there is zero big business involved and it is all, well, heart warming.

But in the course it took me to type my thoughts here, I have thought of better tags for my posts on AudioSpaces. Best get back to it. So creating a clear and effective taxonomy for field recordings can help organise and categorise my content efficiently. Here are five labels that could serve me well on the AudioSpaces iOS app:

  1. Nature Sounds
    • For recordings of natural environments, such as forests, oceans, and wildlife.
  2. Urban Soundscapes
    • For recordings of city environments, including traffic, construction, and street performers.
  3. Human Activity
    • For recordings capturing human interactions, conversations, and social gatherings.
  4. Musical Performances
    • For recordings of live music, buskers, and impromptu performances.
  5. Ambient Atmospheres
    • For recordings that focus on creating a mood or background sound, such as cafes, libraries, or public transport.

I best get re-tagging.

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