Centralising My Web Assets

by | Dec 13, 2021 | 📸 Artist's Blog | 0 comments

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I am in the process of centralising all of my web shenanigans. There have been some sites taken down and amalgamated with this site, www.backhouse.wtf. There is a bit of logic behind it, not so much wisdom but more laziness.

The first of the old websites to go was The Parish News – I have since posted the playlists on one page, HERE, so that there is an easy way to access Episode #1 right up until the most recent episode (which currently stands at #275!). The Parish News’ old website was a rehash of a bad idea – there was no need for it really.

The next site to topple was Sound Map Of Harrogate – I figure I am the only one doing it of late (except for a few friends who have contributed – thanks Allan, Stewart, Karen and Anon). Was there any need to have it on its own domain? I doubt it. You can see the subdomain at soundmap.backhouse.wtf

Another site to feel my mighty wrath was “An Alright Photographer” – www.körnung.co.uk. This one is proving a bit of a sticking point as, at the time of writing, it is not playing ball as a sub domain. But, we live in hope. There were some good images on that site – I really ought to get out with my camera more. You should soon be able to visit it at kornung.backhouse.wtf

Another thing I hope to change, moving forward, is to be more active on Social Media. Facebook & Instagram to be exact. My handle on those sites is @Backhouse.WTF so join in the party?

Yes, lots of sites are being taken down – they are all being made sub domains on this site. If you look in the very top-right hand corner of this site you will see links to the sub domains or the respective feeds. It is quite handy. Plus it has kept me doing something whilst the cricket is on.

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