Creativity In Lockdown

by | Jun 28, 2020 | 📸 Artist's Blog | 0 comments

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The world was gradually adjusting to the “new normal” – although we are now coming out the other side of it. Lock Down wasn’t easy but some artists coped well as they find new ways to pick up inspiration, even in isolation. I hope that your experience of isolation has made you a bit more…. well… you. And, now as the public spaces are opening again, people are gaining greater freedom of movement so it seems we are on course for a rosy summer, barring a second wave of infection.

Actually, for me, Lock Down was mostly positive and productive. I could do a significant proportion of my professional work from home, which personally, I found more efficient. Because of that, I had more time to work on the things I wanted to do in with the great weather we were having at the time, mid-Lock Down.

How did I keep inspired despite the limitations?

More time and lack of social distractions allowed me to catch up with a lot of books, movies, and music. Still, there are so many things I would like to watch, read, listen, and create. I guess I am the type of person, who always finds something interesting to focus on. All I need is an internet connection. Besides, the whole new situation is kind of interesting and inspiring. As in this trio of Isolation Points of View – this has been what I have been seeing for four months now.

I am just glad that nature finally managed to give humanity some sign that She cannot be overlooked.

People have been travelling on so many unnecessary journeys to the other side of the planet and yet sometimes they didn’t even know their own region. Me and my wife have friends around the globe but we don’t know our neighbours. What is happening now is just recoil. And, if we don’t change our ways, it will be worse.

The fault lies both with us and the system but what I am mostly aware of right now is that it is not just up to us to change but for the governments to figure out new solutions and force those long-needed changes upon industrialists, entrepreneurs and us as well. We are willing for change – we just need the capabilities.

I could sum up my isolation with “Think globally, act locally.” I have learnt a lot in Lock Down about myself and my practice – what motivates me and the need for change within my practice. Starter for ten; I am now going to try and find joy and inspiration in the world that lies closest to me. Still, it is the same world we all live in. I’ll try to be aware of the positive ideas and changes around the world and do my best to take care of my environment, documenting along the way.

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