… yeah, it has been a while.

I did not get any sleep last night due to a cough – but I put my time to good use: I was mesmerised by the sound coming through my thin, rattly windows. It was the first time I had noticed the dawn chorus this year. What splendour it was too! I wrapped up in a thick jumper and an overcoat and took my recording gear (Olympus LS-100 & Telinga Clip-on Mics) down with me to the garden in-front of my flat.

I put the Olympus recording device in the tree in the garden using a GORILLA Camera tripod and set about placing the two Telinga Clip-On microphones.


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I managed to get a good half hour of the dawn chorus and collected quite a few concerned stares from passersby’s.

When I went o a talk by Chris Watson he recommended that recordings should be listened back at the level they were recorded at. So, in effect, you are focusing more on the sound and less on the technical hoo-haa of digital editing. Well, this threw me right out of my comfort zone. I am technically minded and a bit impatient. However, I set the microphone / recorder array so that the balance between sound being recorded and the exterior sound was about the same and I pressed the big red button..

Granted, there is a bit of traffic noise and the sounds of passing drunks (I think you can hear me cough too) but it is an honest recording. It is honest in that it is warts and all – and – there is a beauty in that.

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