I Played Salontronic 2019

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I played a gig yesterday. I played at Salontronic 2019 in Knaresborough. I was invited by a good friend, David Littler, to DJ some music at a small one-day festival held at Orb Community Arts, near the Frazer theatre. I was in good company as the flyer a the top of the page shows & I managed to reconstruct my DJ Mix and post it below.

If ever anyone want something like this – almost as a DJ for an arts festival in Yorkshire – then please contact me at hi@andybackhouse.com. I was playing music from The Parish News but not a Dub set (I got in to DJ’ing via Dub and this was not the place for it).

Now then, I was DJ’ing off three decks and some of these tracks are around 20 minutes in length – so, there is no real idea of what was playing when. If you quite like a track I was playing but you don’t know which one it is then have a peak at the playlist below. I have just put the tracks in alphabetical order.

Song / Artist

Always the same / Propan
And the Cuckoo Comes / The Advisory Circle
The Battle of Harlaw / Jeannie Robertson
Boy / Brian Harnetty
Candle Light (Instrumental) / DJ Haram
A Church / Oliver Coates
Dao Bandon / Tang Ngarn Si Nong
Detectorists / Johnny Flynn
Edition #2 / Andrew Backhouse
Funky Acid Stuff / Luke Vibert
Holy Child / Jlin
Hürmin dun II (Wedding Wish Song) / Tatiana Dordzhieva & Maria Beltsykova
I Long to Return to My Hometown [Quê Mẹ] / Võ Tuấn Minh
In Mighty Revelation / Hawthonn
Jump In (Cross The Line) / Anoushka Shankar Feat. M.I.A.
Kimbolton Gnome Song / Renaldo & The Loaf
Law & Order / Åke Hodell
Lugovoy (November Dub) / Kedr Livanskiy
Music Promenade / Luc Ferrari
Papa Bravo / Alejandro Remeseiro
The Red Soul / Rutger Zuydervelt with Ilia Belorukov and René Aquarius
Repository I / Abby Lee Tee
Slow Reader 2 / Stein Urheim
The Sunworshippers Speak / The Sunworshippers
Tour De France Étape 2 / Kraftwerk
Touzle Your Kerchie / Bob Diehl, Bob Morton, Dave Hillery, Dave Howes, Gerry Murphy, Phil Bartlett & Steve Turner
walking on the road where the crushed tiles were scattered / Kiyoshi Mizutani
0:00 / LI YILEI

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