January Round Up (2024)

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Well, this time last year (in 2023) I was hanging in The Mercer as part of their Open. What a time! I had been trying a new medium (collage) and seemed to be doing okay with it.

I have been keeping on with my Digital Collages and I keep on pumping them out. Have a look at one and think of buying it?

There has been a continuous stream of broadcasts, too – But, The Parish News is stil retired and I doubt that it will be back. Even though, Resonance EXTRA, Soundart Radio and Harrogate Community Radio still broadcast it weekly. That is quite something

Certified Tonk is replacing it, slowly… Certified Tonk is a weekly transmission of free and improvised music that I make for Harrogate Community Radio.

I have been making Certified Tonk for a year now – yes, I am up to Episode #52 this coming Wednesday – not bad going, really. So, thanks if you have managed to tune in.

I have re-designed that photography section of this website. Have a look at my photography portfolio and let me know what you make to it? I may try something else at a later date, maybe. Something more abstract.

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