I sent out a newsletter around 09:30 this morning – so, I figure I would type it up here.

Just a quick note to say that I have a new EP out today. It is called [DONKEY] and was made with my Grendel Drone Commander, plus various effects pedals. Here is the cover:

[DONKEY] Cover art

It is cheaper than one of my collages, with it being priced at £2.50, and it is available on my Bandcamp page. Because it is Bandcamp, you can listen to it before purchasing.

I think it is up to three times you can stream the release before Bandcamp ask for dollar?

Also, I stuck to standards for The Jazz Show on HCR, when it is broadcast at 4pm today. I did not want to make it too much of a gamble, so stuck with what I know, not throwing any curveballs.

orbitting a different star artwork

Orbiting a Different Star is going strong, still – you catch that at www.backhouse.wtf/oads – it is for fans of The Parish News, but it is just an hour long and could be seen as a weekly entry point in to free / experimtal / avant-gard music.

Looking back at past newsletters, I have noticed that I have not made a collage this month – I am in two minds whether to continue making my collages at pace, with a production of a couple a month, or create some demand for them by taking a pause in production.

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