Many people see limitations as a bad thing. They think they stop us from being free and creative. But in the world of art, especially in photography and painting, this isn’t the case. In fact, limitations can help us be even more creative.

Take black and white photography as an example. When you only use black and white, you’re not distracted by many colours. This lets you focus more on other important things, like light, shade, texture, pattern, and shape. You can see more details and tell a different kind of story with your pictures.

Using a pinhole lens is another way artists set limits for themselves. This lens shows the world in a unique way, different from what we can see with our own eyes. It’s like showing a new world that’s hidden in the one we know. This makes your photos special and different.

Choosing to use a square format is yet another restriction. With this, you have to think more about how to fit everything into a square shape. You need to decide where to place things so that your picture looks balanced. This pushes you to try new things and be more careful about your choices.

The best part is, these limits are choices. Artists decide to use them. They aren’t forced. Choosing these rules can make work more focused and connected. But, of course, we hope this makes our art better.

Life also gives us its own rules. We might not have enough time, money, or even good health. Seasons change, and all these things can affect what we can make. But rather than seeing these as problems, they can be challenges. These challenges push us to find new ways to do things. And often, that leads to making even better art.

In short, don’t worry about limitations, whether you choose them or life gives them to you. They can help you see things differently and be more creative. So, the next time you face a challenge, remember it could be a chance to make something great.

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