March ’22

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In this blog post you will read a bit about; The Parish News radio show, street photography, sound maps, new toys and roots reggae. It is a bit of a long post; grab a brew and your phone, sit down on your sofa and let me begin…

The Parish News

The Parish News seems to be going from strength to strength, thanks. To find out more about the show and to read past playlists all you need to do is head to – from there you can find links to the radio stations who broadcast me as well as the podcast – hell, there is even a link to past episodes so you can read the playlist.

If you represent a radio station and you are keen to have the show on your schedule – give one of the shows a listen and get back to me. Just click reply to this email.

I have made a web page for the submission of music to The Parish News. It is on my site HERE. If you make music and want to be included on the broadcast then I listen to each submission.


I used to imagine myself as a Yorkshire version of Eric Kim – albeit slightly shorter & dumpier. The thing is, Eric Kim is a street photography in LA and I live in the quaint Spa town of Harrogate – there is not the grit you would find in South Central Los Angeles in my town of Harrogate. There are just lots of people politely queuing for tea shops and cake. If I was a British Street photographer I would work at the great British seaside resorts like Blackpool or Scarborough. Travel is an issue, being in one of the most land locked towns in England…

So, I am toying with the idea of “Urban Photography” – a hodge-podge between street photography and architectural photography. It is pretty much Architectural photography that has humanity, is well lived in and has depth. I tried writing a bit about it HERE but just ended up confusing myself. Either way, there is photography back up on my site, Look in the main menu and you will see the link.

A Sound Map Of Harrogate

This has been dormant – but, at least it is back on its own domain again. Check out to know you are on the right path. Must pick tis up again.

The Jazz Show

It is that time of the month (second weekend) where The Jazz Show is aired on Harrogate Community Radio. Every second Sunday of the month I am allowed to play Spiritual Jazz on a station I helped set up. It would be great for you to join me. To find out more head HERE.

New Toy

Quite pleased with this, really chuffed. I was paid for designing a playwright’s website and spent some of the money on a Lap Steel Guitar. The guitar is a prototype – a real 1/1. Made by Vintage, it never made it to production. You can see a photo of it above.

Why did I get a second hand Lap Steel Guitar? Well the part that let me down with my guitar playing in the past was my fretwork. With this Lap Steel I just use a slide on the fretboard. The guitar is Open tuned so the marked frets are barre chords. Then it is just finger picking with my right hand and a hell of a lot of fun with a pedalboard.

Roots Conversation // Cheesy Chips

The recording of my roots reggae podcast is going well again – Scoob & Dangerous Allan have joined me on it again. I am very grateful of this – I was considering knocking it on the head for a bit, but now they are back on the podcast so the fun is back on the podcast. I admit it is a lot less of a chore to record now my two mates have returned and it has turned in to a very enjoyable process. You can listen to Roots Conversation where you get your podcasts from. Or, just head too for more detailed instructions and the playlists.

On the way home from Creao Studio, where we recorded the podcast, I stopped for some night-time nourishment (Cheesy Chips). I got speaking with the Glaswegian lad working in the take away and we found a shared admiration for Lee Perry having both been at the same Upsetter gig years ago in Leeds. Due to this, I was given a heap more cheese on my chips than would normally have been afforded. This made my night.

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