I’ve recently launched a new YouTube Channel dedicated to showcasing performance videos. I’m diving into the niche, yet captivating world of no-input mixing, drone, and noise.

For those of you familiar with the music scene in Harrogate, you’d know that it’s a rather comfortable place with probably not a large fan base for noise artists. While I recognise the unique musical preferences of our lovely town and understand that changing tastes overnight isn’t feasible, this hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm. Instead of being limited by geography, I decided to embrace the digital age, taking my passion to YouTube.

At present, there are two videos available for viewing. While that might seem like a modest start, rest assured, this is just the beginning. I’m fully equipped, both in terms of the necessary gear and the undying motivation to keep producing more content. In short, there’s no slowing down anytime soon.

If you’re interested in checking out these performances, I’ve made it super easy for you. Head over to the Video page where I’ve created a dedicated video wall. Whether you’re coming in from the home page or browsing the menu, you’ll find a direct link to the video collection. It’s all set and waiting for curious viewers like you.

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