New Field Recording

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I have made an old Field Recording available to the public – it is up on my Bandcamp and people can stream it and listen to it there. If you are smitten with it then feel free to chip in for the cost of less than a pint and buy it for £2.50. Here is the cover for it, shot on the weekend in Dark Walk Woods.

“Postcard From July” explores my relocation from a rural background to urban dwellings and the revisiting of the past. The main recording on this piece was caught on a Spring Day when the Wood Pigeons were calling – Back then, I placed my microphones on a bird table at my parent’s Farm House – this evokes what I was mentally pining for and what I was physically visiting on a weekend in July 2018.

There is a rapid deceleration between the urban conformity of where I currently live, in a Spa town, and the woodlands of my Dad’s farm. Both have strict codes of conduct but that is where the similarity ends.

The walking in the recording is Urban and Rural, around the farm. I get quite breathless and the soundscape is rich and varied – I patterned the recordings of my walking so that they have a natural, layered echo-like quality – a bit like micro-tonal music. The recording oscillates between rural idyll and a noisy townscape. This is indicative of my to-ing and froing between my parents and my rented accommodation in town. Never settling in town but forced away from the countryside due to health problems.

I hope I have managed to convey my sense of bafflement and wonder during my march around a tamed wilderness. I hope there is a sense to the recording that imbues a naivety of place, a public coming-home that is both sincere and wanted – a place of fond recollection.

I hope to write a blog post about Creativity in Isolation – I may do that next time I have a sleepless night. But, Lock Down has given me the opportunity to work on a lot of projects and I figure I would release this on 21st of June, 2020 – the solstice as we move in to July two years after the pieces was recorded. I hope you like it.

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