News From The Front Line Of Radio

by | Nov 1, 2021 | 📸 Artist's Blog | 0 comments

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I have quite a bit of news to tell you. All to do with Radio. It has turned out nice again, bit of a busy weekend, but I have some eNews winging its way to subscribers in the morning and I figure I would type it up here. Here goes…

So, some quick things about radio…

First, my big news is that a piece I had previously made will be included in next years Radiophrenia broadcast. Find out more about that HERE. I have just found out in the last hour and I am so happy.

Another radio nugget is that I have a new series of DJ Mixes being broadcast locally. They are shaping up fine and could see me in gainful employment in a local bar early next year, if all goes to plan. Find out more on this page.

Also, it is coming up to the November edition of the Jazz Show. Any requests get in contact and I will have a dig in my dusty box for them.

Radio: I would be lost without it. I have had immense fun making the open format mixes – there may be space for them at Major Tom’s on an evening, in the new year. I am still riding the high of being selected for Radiophrenia, it has put a spring in my step for tonight.

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