Photography, collages and late-stage capitalism

I thought I would try and jog my newsletter subscribers in to tuning in to The Jazz Show. My monthly show broadcasts on Harrogate Community Radio in the afternoon at 4pm, on the second Sunday of the calendar month. If you miss the broadcast then head to the correct page.

I have been messing around with Photoshop recently; whaddya think:

Karl Marx

And, there are plenty more collages being made, rumours of a commission and general imposter syndrome.

I am worried I may be slipping in to end-days capitalism because I have enabled a finance package with Klarna so people can (I think?) spread the cost over three installments of £30.

Seems promising, but I will see how it goes.

Here is one of the latest collages…

Karl Marx

I have also started a series of Abstract Photographs.

I am unsure if they are just a good example of “intentionally sh*t” photography [as a good friend said] or if I have a valid case to sell them – either way everyone responds to their visual appetisers differently.

I like them; they are very delicate and would work best on a beach – but, there are quite a few miles in between me and a quiet beach.

Here is one of the series of abstract photos that I took in the Dales…

Karl Marx

If you were wondering how to tune in to Harroagte Community Radio at 4pm, for the Jazz Show, head to the correct page on the station’s website and you can read how to tune in.

If you have an internet connection in the UK you can listen live. Or you can catch up on my site at 6pm if you are based outside of the UK.

Thanks for getting down to this part of the email – you deserve a lollipop.

Thanks for listening.

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