We talk a lot about slowing down our approach to taking pictures but maybe we should also slow down when we take them. So often, people take image on their phones. Shooting 20 or 30 images without much thought in a burst of a few seconds.

It would be nice perhaps to look at one image, to really look at it, to understand it and the photographer behind it. If each picture we take does not have significance why take the image?

We live in a world saturated with imagery and we have become fluent in it’s language, but is it a rather limited language? Is the speed at which we use it, disallowing the depth and complexity it is capable of?

That is why I shoot more in Black and White. Monochrome imagery has a depth of meaning. From a personal point of view there is something almost something disposable about colour photographs (maybe I am doing it wrong).

However, I find that it is easier to convey the emotions of an image if it is shot in Black and white. It adds nobility to the image. It adds pathos.

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