Radiophrenia 2022: Twice Shy

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RADIOPHRENIA is a temporary art radio station broadcasting intermittently from the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow – a two-week long festival exploring current trends in sound and transmission arts. The broadcast schedule will included in 2022 a series of 19 newly commissioned radio works, 13 Live-to-Air performances as well as live studio shows, shorts and pre-recorded features. As in previous years the majority of the programme will be made up from selections submitted to an international open call for sound art and radio works.

My submission was aired: “Twice Shy”.

“The audiobook, “Twice Shy” by Dick Francis” was found amongst my grandfathers possessions when he passed. I have been thinking of what to do with grandpa’s audiobooks, how to frame them and then interpret them afresh, bringing them in to my life and in to my timeline.

Sentimental? No. Backhouse takes a family treasure that is worthless except for sentimentality – charity shops would bin this donation. But, it belonged to a deceased relative. Backhouse reinterprets his Grandfathers soundscape, giving it new breath and new life for 2022.

At its base, the sound work “Twice Shy” by Andrew Backhouse is the mangling of a cassette audio book as was written by Dick Francis, of the same name. But, if you dig deeper, Backhouse’s interpretation of Dick Francis’ “Twice Shy” is hopefully the start of the end of the grieving process for a man over his beloved grandfather.”

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