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Well, it seems I have recorded my last episode of The Parish News; I am through to the other side.

Thanks to all the folks who listened, took time to write in and who sent me their music.

Here is the newsletter, due out in a few hours:

Yes, I am sorry to let you down; but it was a choice in continuing the show or losing my wits. It pushed me to the edge.

For example, I am no longer able to listen to experimental music without sweating when it will end and how the audience will take it. It was making art in to a job; it had stopped the joy and spontaneity of creation and reduced it to a mind-numbing chore that my heart just was not into.

It had become a weight around my neck, pulling me down … so, I cut it out of my life because a rolling stone gathers no moss.

But, if you did tune in to the show, for an episode or half an hour; thanks, man.

If you left a comment or sent me your music, thank you for placing your trust in me.

I will use the time I have recouped to be a better husband to Kathryn and a better son and brother to my immediate family.

I am not ruling out a return; but if I do it will be massively scaled down to what it is now.

Thanks for listening, Andrew x

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