I paid a visit to Home Farm, near Ripon the other day. The main point of the visit was to try and capture the very start of Spring – the point in the year where the Wood Pigeons are calling and Spring seems tantalisingly close.

I also had my camera with me – I have an old, ten years old, camera that serves me well. It is a Nikon D700. I picked it up at Bass & Bligh in town (Harrogate) second hand and I love it.

The sensor is a CCD Sensor (as opposed to a more modern C-MOS Sensor) so this gives the photos the impression that they have been taken on Film as opposed to Digital.

I like the effect a lot. And, these images were edited in Lightroom by Adobe.

Home Farm has the interesting feature of burned looking, aged, Victorian Brickwork – I took a few photographs and posted them in the shop on the site – the prints are priced at around £20.

The Birdsong was impressive too … Edited using Absentia DX and Izotope RX there is a broad spectrum of sound and I edited out the Gas Guns and road traffic from the A1.

If you want to purchase any of the images from this visit then message me at andy@baffledgeography.co.uk or order them through the shop.

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